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Alaska Tube Flies

Ask any person who loves fishing,"If you had a chance to fish anyplace in the World, where would you go", most would choose Alaska. For many of us in the lower United States who have fished Alaska this is a once in a lifetime trip to be savored for many years afterward. Although the tube fly is a fairly new phenomenon in Alaska they fill all the requirments needed to fish in this rugged environment. First and foremost, any Alaskan fly has to catch fish (now there's a bit of brilliance). Second, they must be tough enough to withstand a lot of abuse from the fish as well as the person using them. And last but certainly not least, they must be easy to carry as lugging lots of fly boxes does absolutely nothing to enhance the total experience. I may have not been the first to bring tube flies to Alaska (that honor belongs to the Swedes I think)nor can I claim to be the tyer who's changed the look of the Alaska fly but since I've dedicated most of my tying toward Alaska more and more people have used my flies, enjoying the experience of using less but better flies All the flies I sell are only tied by me under the strictest quality using epoxy where strength is required. Many of my patterns take several days to tie as they are tied in stages with epoxy, each stage being cured before tying the next section. If you like what you see or have any questions about my flies please contact me. Bob Kenly

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