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Shumakov's Flies
Nordic Way Tube Flies

     Yuri's flies are what I consider to be top of the line salmon flies, a mixture of Scandinavian styling and Russian inventivness. His usage of Serebrjanka goat hair from the Caucus Region of the Russian Republic give his offerings a certain glow seldom seen in natural materials. Along with his flies I've added scenes from the Kola Peninsula sometimes called Russia's wild West. I truly hope you enjoy the flies of this tying master.

Yuri at his "Tying Kingdom" Lund, Sweden

The Baron se

The Baron se backlit by the Sun

Not exactly an SUV but Kola travel can be a chore at best

"Serebrjanka goat hair
Serebrjanka fur.jpg
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baron se.jpg
The Baron se

Baron se Sun.jpg
The Baron se backlit by the Sun

Black Doctor

The Black Doctor backlit by the Sun

Modern Akroyd on a tube

Jack Scott.jpg
Modern Jack Scott on a tube

"The Valley Of Death" WWII monument on the Kola

Skittle Tube flies. heavy bronze

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Black And Red on an aluminum bottle tube by Yuri
black and Red1.jpg
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black and Red2.jpg
Black and Red on Brass bottle tube by Yuri

The Belousicha River, Kola Peninsula

Bloody Halfhitcher

Yuri and friends taking a break at the Varzuga River

Modern Highlander on a tube

Topol M, tied in the "Russian Bullet" style

"Pyromid" tied in the Russian Bullet style

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