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Jurij (Yuri) Shumakov, The Russian Bullet
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Jurij with a Springer on the Kola's Varzuga River 
Photo by Jurij Shumakov

I am deeply saddened to announce that my friend and friend of so many people around the World passed away August 20th, 2006 while fishing on the Kola Peninsula. He will be deeply mised by everyone who knew and loved this very special man.

Yuri was born in Stavropol, a city located in the Caucus region of Russia which is located between the Caspian and Black Seas. His father was a WWII veteran of the "Great Patriotic War" serving from the first day to the last as a member of an IL-4 bomber crew.  After Yuri's required service in the Soviet Army he attended University in Moscow receiving a PhD in biological sciences. He now now resides with his in Lund, Sweden were he is engaged in research at the University of Lund.  Yuri also ties commercially specializing in Atlantic salmon flies for Europe and the Kola Peninsula.
Note: The picture in the upper right corner of this page is the 300 year old Varzuga church. Built entirely of wood its one of Russia's treasures.


Yuri's father, picture taken at the Battle of Stalingrad. If you are interested reading his story click here


  When you think of Russian sports, fly-fishing doesn't usually come to mind but nothing can be further from the truth. Although relatively small the Russian fly-fishing and tying community is very active even having their own language magazine, Nahlyst. Years ago in Moscow a small cadre of fishermen started a club in which many of todays talented Russian tiers started in their craft. Yuri is one of those early members who brings to the table that particular Russian penchant for innovation and style.  I truly hope you enjoy seeing his work as much as I do and you obtain some inspiration in your tying efforts


An idea so simple I have to wonder why it took so long to be developed, a fly made from cone heads to adjust the weight requirements for different water. I tried several of these flies in Alaska ( mostly pink or Flash Fly versions) and was surprised at their versitility and ease of construction. Another innovation Yuri has is his use of "Serebrjanka" kid goat hair from his home in the Caucus region in Russia. Although not rare it comes from a somewhat tense region  and is unavailable except those willing to travel into an unstable area of the country.


russian bullet.jpg
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The "Russian Bullet"

View showing the unique construction