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Nordic Way Tube Flies

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Welcome to the World of Tube flies


The FOXBAT Shrimp is another of my "Russian Bullet flies. This fly was a big hit with fishermen during the 2006 April Steelhead season on the Situk River.

For many years tube flies have been considered by most North American flyfishermen as something Europeans used and had very little or any place in our country. This style of tying probably appeared in England shortly after WW11 but it was the Scandinavians who raised it to an art form. Early salt water patterns appeared on the West Coast in the 1950's but never really caught on as a fishing method until a few years ago when several  tiers like myself turned tube flies into full time avocation

I do not sell these flies pictured on my site nor do I sell any supplies but I'll be more than glad to put you in touch with another tier who does tie my offerings. Feel free to copy any of my patterns for your own use

If you are serious about finding tube flies for Alaska or anywhere Pacific salmon and Steelhead can be found in Western North America I recommend the Canadian Tube Fly Company. Their work exceeds all others in design and quality.

Many of the flies I tie are mirrored by them and soon you will see some of my patterns reflected in their offerings.

I am sure you won't be disappointed with what they have to offer.

Click here to enter the Canadian Tube Fly Company's web site

There is a new web site by Alaskans which is well worth taking the time to look at. If you are thinking about fishing in Alaska I certainly recommend you take the time to visit Alaska Fly Fish for the latest up to date information

Click here to go to Alaskaflyfish


TURBO SHRIMP The Turbo Shrimp is a new concept for Pacific salmon which Yuri Shumakov and I conspired together. After it was vetted in Kamchatka and Alaska we now offer it as a do it yourself project. It proved to be the best fly for salmon, char, and trout I have ever invented. Click on the picture to get the complete story


A Spotted char caught by Yuri, September 2004 in Kamchatka, Russia


Silver salmon caught by a friend on the Russian River, Alaska 2005. Both the Silver and Char were caught on pink Turbo Shrimp.