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Tube Flies for Russia
Nordic Way Tube Flies

300 year old Siberian Church

A 300 year old church in Irkutsk Siberia
Photo by Vladimar Markov

Tube flies for the Kola fall into several distinct catagories: so called "long wings", "mini tubes" and normal patterns (as mostly seen on Western European salmon streams) Kamchatka flies are more like Alaska flies in many respects. The Baikal region flies are what one would expect to find in many cold weather trout and arctic species waters.

Varzuga Church

Varzuga church, Kola Peninsula, Russia
Photo by Bart vander Schrieck, Holland

Tequila Bugger

Russia... To most, only a place on map to most Westerners but never the less a country very much entwined by culture and politics into our collective psyche. To try and pin down Russia as a simple identity is a lost cause, seperated by their vastness there are many Russia's, all unique. Every flyfisherman dreams about the plentyful and huge Atlantic salmon of the Kola Peninsula, the mega steelhead of Kamchatka but few realize that another prime spot is in the Lake Baikal region of Siberia which is the gateway to Mongolia and the legendary Taimen.
As more pictures of Russian flies comes available I will post them here

Varzuga Shrimp

Tippit Shrimp

Arctic Mouse


Russian Helicopter

Travel in the Kola Peninsula can be an adventure
Photo by Bart vander Schrieck, Holland