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Pushing The Envelope

Sooner or later most tyers try something new to push themselves in their chosen medium. Unfortunately most of these efforts end up in a trash can never to be seen again. Here are some of mine.


Probably the most radical fly I've ever attempted, this Squid was totally made from a epoxy/acrylic paint mixture and formed over patterns constructed with wax paper which was removed when each section was dry. Each section was cast seperately and epoxied to the next one to form the mantle and fins. The head is attached to the mantle via the plastic tube which runs from tail to head


The Gladiator was conceived for King Salmon on Michigan's Muskegon River. The style of tying was what I call a "Peterson Style" which somewhat resembles a fish, the body is constructed with sequins to simulate scales. This really wasn't a bad fly at all, quite a few Kings fell for it although it is a very fussy fly to tie.


Puke Flies (pronounced "pook") are really a new concept in flies which have their roots in Scandinavia. Generally a salmon or sea trout fly the Puke has been quietly borrowed by stiper fisherman in the Northeasters shore. Construction is very simple with silver or colored tinsel as the sole medium of material. The top fly is a Clouser style for stripers, the bottom is tied on a front weighted tube from England and is an Alaskan King fly

Black and Blue Puke Fly